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The Barbastro Healthcare Area is responsible for the public health care services in the eastern half of the Spanish province of Huesca, one of the three regions make up the Aragón territory. It covers all assistance levels: primary, specialized, socio sanitary and mental and provides health care services to 110.000 inhabitants within a geographic area of ca. 7.500 km². Population density is very low standing at 13.75 inhab/km² being one of the lowest in Spain and in the whole EU. The elderly people rate (aged more than 65) stands at 21.7%.

The BHCA is divided into fifteen geographic areas called “zonas de salud” (literally “health care zones”). In each of such “health care zones” there is one health care centre along with several local offices that provide ongoing primary health care services. (136 offices in all the health care zones).

Second level (specialized) health care services are provided by the General Hospital, placed in the geographical centre of the area, Barbastro. The hospital has 160 beds available in the hospitalization area. Surgical area has 5 operating theatres. Furthermore, it counts with a recent built intensive care unit provided with the highest technical equipment. Ambulatory care is provided by offices in the hospital itself as well as in two specialized delegations, located 17 and 75 km away from the main site, respectively. Besides there is a socio sanitary centre located in the far south of the territory.

Barbastro healthcare area comprises the following care centres:

PRIMARY CARE CENTRES: Abiego, Ainsa, Albalate de Cinca, Barbastro, Benabarre, Berbegal, Binefar, Castejónn de Sos, Fraga, Graus, Lafortunada, Mequinenza, Monzón Rural, Monzón Urbano y Tamarite de Litera


SPECIALIZED CARE HOSPITALS: Barbastro General Hospital

MENTAL HEALTH: Barbastro Mental Health Unit and Monzón Mental Health Unit