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Connecting Europe Facility - CEF

Main Goal:

Deployment of Generic Cross Border eHealth Services in Spain.

Program: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2017/1524512 "Deployment of Generic Cross Border eHealth Services in Spain"

Code: 2017-ES-IA-0074 (27776407)


The main objective is to support region’s efforts to be part of a secure peer-to-peer network allowing the exchange of Patient Summaries and ePrescriptions, which will pave the way to reach the following general objectives:

  1. Enable seamless cross-border care and secure access to patient health information between European healthcare systems, particularly with respect to the exchange of Patient Summary and ePrescription.
  2. Contribute to patient safety by reducing the frequency of medical errors and by providing quick access to patient health information, as well as by increasing the accessibility of a patient's own prescriptions, also when abroad.
  3. Provide medical personnel with life-saving information in emergency situations and reduce the repetition of diagnostic procedures.

Spain, with its National Health System, participates in this European project. (countries included, particularities from this link)

The ePrescription (electronic prescription and dispensing), through the Mi Salud@UE service, allows a medication prescribed in an electronic prescription by a healthcare professional in its country of origin to be dispensed in any pharmacy in another country of the European Union. Spain, with its National Health System, participates in this European project. The Spanish electronic prescription interoperability project with the EU is coordinated by the Ministry of Health. Countries with EUeP service. See the map here.

The Patient Summary (European Union Patient Summary) is a document that collects the most important clinical information so that professionals from other countries of the European Union can care for any citizen who requests unscheduled healthcare outside their country. Its objective is to provide essential patient clinical information to healthcare professionals. It is created from the information existing in the Electronic Medical Record. Countries with EUPS service. See the map here.


Servicio Vasco de Salud OsakidetzaESP
Conselleria de Sanidade de GaliciaESP
Servicio Aragonés de SaludESP
Servicio Andaluz de SaludESP
Servicio Cántabro de SaludESP
Servicio Extremeño de SaludESP
Servicio Madrileño de SaludESP
Departamento de Salud de NavarraESP
Salud del Principado de AsturiasESP
Servicio Canario de la SaludESP
Salud de la Junta de Castilla y LeónESP
Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La ManchaESP
Servicio Catalán de la SaludESP
Conselleria de SanidadESP