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First Milestone: Basic Services


- To incorporate telecounselling services: Specialists located at the Hospital can make virtual consultations to patients located at the primary care centre

- To incorporate telecounselling: Virtual counselling between Specialists and GPs and among all the specialist services

Highlighted Results:

- Tele-retinography
Importance of early diagnosis
First cause of blindness in patients between 10 and 70 years old

- Tele-dermatology
Asynchronous Internal Consultations. Data and medical images are obtained in primary care. Diagnosed and therapeutic advice is given by the dermatologist
> 80% cases solved

- Teleictus
Benefit for more than 300 patients per year. Not a big number of patients, but with a very important impact.

Second Milestone: Telemonitoring


To design and to implement a service oriented to chronic patient. This service integrates tele-assistance from a social point of view and preventive monitorization of vital signs from the health care side.


DREAMING: Teleassistance and vital signs telemonitoring for chronic autonomous patients at their homes.

PITES: Telemonitoring of chronic dependent patients in deep cooperation with volunteers from social organizations.

RESATER: Healthcare and telemedicine at rural environments. Inclussion of patients living at nursing homes .

SMARTCARE: Telemonitorization in associative environments

PITES T-ASISTE: Hospitalization at home

STIPP: Telemonitoring at places out of reach for normal healthcare services

Third Milestone: Third Generation Services

SUSTAINS Project:  Empowering patients to play a more active role in the management of their health.

Hospital del Mundo Project : To break barriers in specialized healthcare, by creating monographic virtual services around virtual hospitals, going beyond geographic restrictions if necessary.