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HEALTHcare delivery OPTIMisation ThroUgh teleMedicine

Main Goal: Telemedicine Services Deployment in Aragón

Program: e-TEN

Code: 046273-eTen


The HEALTH OPTIMUM service range comprises the following services:

  • - Tele-counselling (asynchronous or interactive). This provides for healthcare professionals of a tertiary hospital to advise professionals of a secondary care hospital on particularly complex cases or secondary hospital specialists to advise primary care professionals on cases requiring specialist knowledge.
  • - Virtual referral. This allows conducting a specialist consultation remotely with the presence of a healthcare professional next to the patient.
  • - Tele-laboratory. This allows carrying out laboratory exams at the "point of care" at to have the results available on the spot.
  • - Tele-care. This allows specialists to interact directly with patients suffering from serious chronic diseases.

All these services rely on a shared clinical recordinfrastructure which, depending on the local situation, was already in place,or has been specifically implemented for the Market Validation phase of theseservices.

The Initial Deployment phase extends the geographicalscope of HEALTH OPTIMUM by adding to new countries, the penetration of theservice in the original regions and the range of services rolled-out in each ofthem. It will also identify other regions which are candidate early adopters ofthe HEALTH OPTIMUM business model and services and prepare the Plan for theirFull Deployment.

During the market validation phase, HEALTH OPTIMUM has market validated a comprehensive suite of telemedicine services able to improve the perceived quality of the healthcare services provided and, at the same time, to enable a reduction in the costs related to their production and delivery. The Project has also evaluated the users' acceptance of the services and validated a business model on which the HEALTH OPTIMUM Initial Market Deployment phase is based.


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