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Healthcare and Telemedicine Network at rural areas

Main Goal: Set up of a transnational european telemedicine platform


Code: SOE1/P3/F1


Rural areas or zones remote from large urban cores currently have to face a problem of population aging and depopulation. Due to the smaller number of inhabitants, these areas have limited access to healthcare and social care services, which in turn contributes to increased migration to the cities. As a result, maintaining general public services, trade and private initiative, as well as job creation - essential factors to mitigate the depopulation – is hindered. In this context, the Project Health and Telemedicine Network for Rural Areas (RESATER) aims to create telemedicine services for the remote patient care in the territorial areas of action of the partners (Southwest Europe) and to develop professional practice models and experience exchange.


  • - To create local telemedicine networks in particular territories of Spain, France and Portugal, whose practices are transferable in the SUDOE zone.
  • - To develop an iintegrated technological platform of different telemedicine tools in different socio-medical specialties.
  • - To provide opportunities for experience exchange among health professionals on the use of ICT telemedicine applications.
  • - To focus the design of these tools and cooperation networks on the needs and difficulties of different populations, end users and the territories concerned.


  • - Development of a comparative analysis method and health care system competency mapping of the partner areas.
  • - Design of local action plans resulting from the previously conducted analysis.
  • - Application of telemedicine tools selected with end users, according to set action plans.
  • - Creation of an integrative platform of services and practices transferable in the SUDOE Zone.
  • - Validation of the platform services through a pilot test in each one of the territories of the partners.


Syndicat Mixte du Pays CouseransFRA
Fondation INTRAS - Centro de Investigación ESP
Federación Asturiana de ConcejosESP
Fundación para el Desarrollo SocialESP
Association pour le développement du Pays de FigeacFRA