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Information platform with home telemedicine services

Main Goal: Definition, design and development of tools within three strategic domains: interoperability, patient security and decission support systems


Code: PI12-00673


PITES-ISA is a coordinated project of a 7nodes network, as second phase of PITES project, an innovation platform in telemedicine and e-health (PI09-90110 project and coordinated). PITES main goal was the technological innovation, based in clinical units for the development of an application environment, tools and TIC infrastructure, based on open standards, secure and accessible and interoperables; with the specific goals of developing personal mobile telemedicine and e-health solutions that support new assistant models for chronic patients and dependent people. PITES-ISA keeps same principal goal focusing in specific goals as the definition, design and development of tools in three strategic domains : interoperability, patient security and decision support.
“PITES ISA T-CUIDAENCASA” is one of this network projects of the “PITES ISA (PI12-00508): innovation platform in new telemedicine and e-health services: Definition, design and development of new tools for ensuring interoperability, patients security and support in the decision making”.
PITES ISA T-CUIDAENCASA's main goal is the evaluation of a innovation platform in homecare telemedicine services for patients that due to their clinical conditions can adapt to the home hospitalization, having an attention with high quality and maintaining their clinical security, and, at the same time, providing all professionals with the necessary tools to provide this type of assistance and help them in the clinical decision taking in a quick and efficient manner.


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