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World Hospital

Main Goal: Design of a technological platform with universal access that provides Healthcare and Tele-Assistance Services all over the world, based on advanced Video-Collaboration solutions.

Program: INNPACTO - Proyecto apoyado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion, de acuerdo a lo previsto en el articulo 31 Reglamento de la Ley 38/2003, de 17 de noviembre, General de Subvenciones, aprobado por Real Decreto 887/2006, de 21 de julio

Code: IPT-2011-1042-900000


The platform will allow the creation of a file storage fed by real experiences and interactions within the community. These files might be recorded, labelled, stored and played and will be accesible for all the healthcare professionals allowed. It will also allow the sharing of Health Information related to each pathology between patient and specialist, making a specific anylisis of each information shared in order to obtain relations among data and to go off any alarm if data are considered critical.

This platform will be enclosed in the coupling QUALITY-SUSTAINABILITY, allowing to optimize resources without decreasing the level of the service.

Main Goals:

- To reduce geographic dispersion problems among specialists, GPs, patients and their relatives by using virtual interaction.

- To compensate the lack of human and physical resources needed to provide a healthcare service . This will be made by allowing remote access to specialiced knowledge that will give service to different points without the need of travelling costs

- To increase continuous medical training programs in recurrence, cost and contents. Cost might be reduced because these programs shoud be made in a virtual fashion, avoiding displacements and contents might be increased because the platform will feedback from records of all kind of real-time clinic sessions.

- To join investigation centres, reference centres and specialized knowledge in order to provide an agreed faster answer, more specific. It is also very important to pay special attention to all the rare and or new diseases.

- To establish virtual Teleassistance services. These services maintain a similar level in the human experience but have a more affordable cost for public healthcare organizations. They allow the assistance of a population which is becoming older and has more chronic diseases, and also the assistance of vulnerable groups.

- To make an important contribution to relieve public healthcare system waiting lists by allowing citizens access to healthcare services in a virtual environment that eases the solucion of all the questions that do not require a "face-to-face" meeting between professional and patient. This service will establish a filter that will allow professionals to be focused on pathologies that really require a special attention and a specific knowledge.

- To give specialists support in decission-making with an expert system based on pathologies knowledge. The platform will establish automatically relationships among data, important advices, extended information and can set alarms in order to focus attention on data out of the range of normal values.

- Information coming from the expert system will feed an intelligent engine for integration and tele-consultation scheduling. Depending on the importance of the alarm, and the information in the electronic redords, the integration engine will schedule a tele-consultation with the specialist, inmediately,throughout the day or with the normal frequency set by the doctor. This smart system will work in a cooperative fashion with the expert system in order to offer help and suggestions to the healthcare professional.

This platform wants to be universal and for this reason one of its objectives is the deployment of these services at areas whith lack of resources:

- Developing countries

- Regions affected by natural disasters or catastrophes

- Regions in armed conflict


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