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Social and Health care for frail chronic dependent patients

Main Goal: Design of an integrated service of health and social chare for the frail chronic elder people


Code: PI09-90549


The present Project “PITES: T-Ayuda”, expedient nº: PI09/90549, belongs to a net coordinated project called “Innovation Platform of new telemedicine and e-health services for chronic-dependent patients” (expedient nº: PI09-90110), in the framework “Subprogram of investigation proyects in evaluation of healthcare tecnologies and health services”, which aims to design an integrated service of social and health care to fragile chronic dependent elderly people.
It intends to carry out a prospective, cases-control, randomized study in order to compare the traditional healthcare with a new integrated social healthcare thanks to ICT as a helpful tool. The expected outcomes in the study group are to increase health conditions and quality of life and to reduce the consumption of traditional healthcare services.
The new services will be evaluated by clinical and economic indicators, as well as by users’ and all agents’ involved satisfaction questionnaires.
The Barbastro Health Care Area has a special interest in this proyect because it seeks to achieve healthcare access equity, public health system sostenibility and an excelent quality of healthcare services.


Instituto Carlos IIIESP
Cruz Roja HuescaESP