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Healthcare and Telemedicine Network at rural areas

Main Goal: Development of innovation networks about eHealth and eInclusion. These innovation networks must be competent, sustainable and interoperable at human and technical level at the rural and isolated SUDOEareas


Code: e-RESATER SOE/P1/F682


e-RESATER is the natural evolution of the SUDOE RESATER project (RESATER stands for Healthcare and Telemedicine Networks for Rural Areas). Between 2009 and 2012 RESATER has developed local networks with healthcare actors in 6 SUDOE areas. These actors have shared their experiences about e-Health within a transnational and exclusive platform. This platform includes exchange tools, a health observatory in the rural area SUDOE, a methodology in order to create a project for local healthcare networks at a regional level and tools for evaluating healthcare projects.
RESATER success has made legitimate the decision of working at the local areas the bottom-up for innovation projects. But RESATER has also demonstrated that there are still some barriers to be removed in order to grant continuity for the assistance, with the support of an open and continuous innovation system, sustainable at the isolated rural territories SUDOE. In spite of the fact that needs are widely identified: actors must work together and ICTs access must be granted in these areas, the local technological services that really meet these needs are not widely developed.For these reasons, companies at the SUDOE areas must get help in order to develop their products, to adapt these products to the needs and to make them sustainable within the context of innovative networks competent and interoperative at a technical and at a human level. By meeting this goal, competitiveness in one of the economic areas within the SUDOE regions will be improved.


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